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Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2011….

September 27, 2011


We also hear that they often lack necessary IT support. Windows MultiPoint Server 2011 is designed to address these challenges so teachers and students can tap into a single computer that supports multiple users. This eliminates the need to buy more computers, cutting down on hardware purchasing costs as well as ongoing operational costs for things like support and energy usage.

More students and teachers need access to technology to get ready to compete for 21st century jobs, but many schools don’t have sufficient budget to buy the computers they need. Plus, finding money for ongoing maintenance and support can be a challenge. In addition, schools need innovative ways to get the most out of older technology investments that they have already made.

Windows MultiPoint Server is a great solution. With Windows MultiPoint Server, one host computer is shared by multiple users simultaneously, enabling schools to reduce overall costs 66% by saving on hardware, energy and maintenance. Schools can effectively triple the number of Windows computers without increasing budget.

MultiPoint Server 2011 has been recently released to manufacturing and includes several new features and upgrades to MultiPoint Server 2010. Desktop Orchestration is a new administration feature. It gives admins a thumbnail view over all MultiPoint desktops in a network. With it, administrators can instantly block a station, close or open a stations’s applications, project one station to another and limit website browsing. Software integrators have new capabilities as well with MultiPoint Manager extensibility. They can add new tabs or sub-tabs to the MultiPoint Manager interface and create new controls. MultiPoint Server has a common SDK with both Windows Small Business Server 2011 and Windows Home Server 2011 and is built on the Windows Sever 2008 RS SP1 platform.

Other key features include a Windows 7 desktop experience at each station, multiple language support, private USB and unique IP addresses for each station.

Example: Windows Multipoint Server 2011 in school.