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OpenDNS – A DNS Utility that give your computer/server full security…..

May 27, 2011

OpenDNS is a great utility that protects your DNS server or computer from malware and other outsider attack. It provides you with filtering , malware protection , web content filtering , phishing and botnet protection , and it has a OpenDNS dashboard for use of administering the DNS and it’s features.

I strongly recommend for all of you to try out OpenDNS , if you guys really want to secure your Domain Name System (DNS) in your enterprise or local network. It’s actually free , all you have to do is just sign up , register your name and account , and set your DNS IP Address and from the dashboard , you will have all the authority to administer which feature you want to apply for your DNS , for example , web content filtering , or malware protection and much more.  I have tried it , and its just so easy to set it up. My DNS IP address now is pointing to my Streamyx Wireless Router , and from there , I can manage my router settings and my network. But I have to sign in first in the OpenDNS website.

Well , that’s all for this week post. I am quite busy for the past 3 month , and don’t have the time to update my blog. Fortunately , this week , I have the time to write something interesting in my blog post. If you guys want to share or comment on my blog , please feel free to do so…

See you guys next week….bye….

Khairul Azrin B. Azman.