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CCNA Voice – Cisco Unified Communication Solutions…

February 4, 2011


In Cisco’s Unified Communications architecture , Unified Communications Managers are what makes IP telphony possible. These hardware/software devices are the brains that handle IP call processing. The call-processing portion of a Unified Communications system handles the sequence of operations from the time a user picks up a phone to make a call to the time the user ends the call by hanging up. All of the signalling , dial interpretation , ringing, and call connecting is performed by the call processor. From a phone users standpoint , the call processor acts like a legacy-based analog or digital phone.

There are three distinct Unified Communications Manager systems:-

1. Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM). – picture below..

– runs on Linux platform.

– running on the Cisco 7800 Series Media Convergence Servers (MCS).

– capable o handling up to 7,500 endpoints.

2. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition (CUCMBE).

3. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (CUCM Express).

– CISCO IOS routers and Cisco ISR router that support CUCM Express:-

Non- ISR routers supporting CUCM Express 7.1

* Unified Communications 500 Series (SBCS).

* Cisco IAD 2430

* Cisco 1751-V

* Cisco 1760 Series

* Cisco 2600XM Series

* Cisco 2691

* Cisco 3700 Series

Cisco Unity.

The Unity product is Cisco’s largest and most robust voice mail and unified messaging solutions. The server based appliance runs on the Microsoft Windows 2000 or 2003 operating system. A single server can support up to 15,000 mailboxes, and multiple servers can be clustered to provide additional mailboxes. The Unity product is the only solutions that offers all the Unified Messaging (UM) functionality because it fully integrates with Microsoft Exchange. All voice mail , email , and fax transmissions end up being stored on the Microsoft Exchange email server.

Cisco 7900 Series IP Phones.

The 7900 Series phones are Cisco’s most popular line on the market today. Multiple models are available , from entry-level phones to high end IP telephony solutions with built in videoconferencing. The 7900 Series also offers Wi-Fi connected phones that operates using 802.11a and 802.11 b/g  radios. All 7900 Series phones suppport both the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the Cisco proprietary Skinny Call Control Protocol (SCCP) for call signalling in an IP voice deployment. It has full support of advanced Extensible Markup Language (XML) functionality.

Lastly , Cisco has a wide range of solutions for Unified Communication that uses IP based and VoIP deployment , and even the capabilities of videoconferencing. Routers and switches can be use together with the Unified Communication Solution , integrated together and can make networking more efficient. For this week I touch a bit about Unified Communication , that is one part of CCNA Voice – a Cisco Certification specialization in Voice / Voice over IP.

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