BEA Weblogic Server 11g from Oracle….

December 12, 2010

Owned by Oracle Corporation, Oracle WebLogic consists of a Java EE platform product-family that includes:

  • a Java EE application server, WebLogic Application Server
  • an enterprise portal, WebLogic Portal
  • an Enterprise Application Integration platform
  • a transaction server and infrastructure, WebLogic Tuxedo
  • a telecommunication platform, WebLogic Communication Platform
  • an HTTP web server.

The Oracle WebLogic application server family includes three offerings; Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition, Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition and Oracle WebLogic Suite. Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition is a comprehensive application server that provides developers with the tools and technologies to write enterprise applications and services quickly. For applications that require high availability and superior diagnostics, Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition offers all the features and benefits of Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition plus proven clustering technology, multi-domain management, and diagnostic tooling. In support of dynamic scale-out applications Oracle WebLogic Suite provides in-memory data grid technology, predictable performance and comprehensive management capabilities for efficient operation.

Enable Enterprise Agility
Oracle WebLogic Suite is the cornerstone Java EE platform in support of application grid computing – an architecture that enables enterprises to outperform their competitors while minimizing operational costs. Other Oracle Fusion Middleware products certify and run on Oracle WebLogic Suite making it the best foundation for Oracle environments.

Product Overview
When your business cannot afford to have applications fail or have services become unexpectedly inaccessible, Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition is the clear choice, with high availability and superior monitoring and management capabilities. Adding highly tuned server clustering to Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition, the Enterprise Edition helps enable IT infrastructure that keeps running even as load on the system fluctuates. To ensure superior application performance, unmatched deep diagnostics capabilities can be used on production systems without affecting runtime performance. These and other features of Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition are engineered to support modern data centers with maximum uptime at minimum cost.

High Availability
Easy configuration changes, incremental update (FastSwap), and rolling upgrades are just a few of the capabilities that help keep systems available even while making changes. Sophisticated yet easily managed is another hallmark of Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition. Clustering instances of Oracle WebLogic Server together enables many capabilities that kick in when a server abruptly goes offline. Features such as whole-server migration, automatic service migration, and the transaction recovery service are invoked when server health degenerates. Built-in software load balancing, server self-monitoring, and overload protection help avoid failure altogether. If necessary, Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition can failover across metropolitan area networks (MANs) and wide area networks (WANs) in support of disaster recovery procedures. And supporting active-active application deployments, Oracle GridLink for Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) adds advanced new capabilities to integrate Oracle RAC with Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition. Active-active deployments offer the highest levels of application availability.

System Requirements
Operating systems
(32-bit and 64-bit supported)
 Linux
 Solaris
 Windows
 Oracle (and Oracle Real Application Clusters)
 Microsoft SQL Server
 Sybase
 Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (clients only)
 Java Platform, Enterprise Edition 5
Internet Protocol
 v4, v6

Below is the oracle web server installation details:-



Well , WebLogic seems functioning as a server that provides web services , java application , databases , and domain creation. You can do clustering in WebLogic. I personally didn’t have the chance to try it , but I can assure you it is a great product when concerning about server product in the market. The installation step is pretty easy , and it has a web based GUI using a web browser to administer and configure it. If you wanna try it , here is the download page:- (p/s: you have to have an Oracle account and log in first before you begin downloading)





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