Informix 11.70 Panther…..

November 5, 2010

Highlights of Informix 11.70

Informix 11.70 is:

The Informix 11.70 release (code name “Panther”) asserts its dominance in these key areas and extends support for data warehousing , application development , and security. Informix 11.70 is expected to be generally available in October 2010.

The new release simplifies setup and maintenance for complex replications grids. With Informix 11.70 , it’s easy to define servers in a replication grid  , add or remove servers as necessary , perform DDL operations , and manage tables. The improved Connection Manager streamlines workload management and transparent application failover across the grid . Informix 11.70 also supports backing up to and restoring from cloud storage.


Easier to use

  • You can upgrade a high-availability cluster without any down-time and you can easily generate schema information about your database for migration.
  • You can configure the database server during installation. You can automatically optimize storage by compressing and defragmenting. You can also configure automatic storage provisioning to add chunks when you need them.
  • You can quickly and easily set up clusters and Enterprise Replication domains and administer them all through a grid. You can replicate tables without primary keys and prevent log wrapping on replication servers. You can run DDL statement on secondary servers. Transactions that you start on secondary servers run to completion even if the primary server goes down.
  • If you are embedding Informix in your application, you can script responses to automatically address run-time server problems with more granular event alarms and server startup return codes. You can quickly take a snapshot of an Informix instance, compress it, and deploy it to other computers.
  • You can use many of the new features to administer and monitor Informix with the OpenAdmin Tool for Informix.
  • You can use built-in extensions, including the newly built-in Spatial and TimeSeries extensions, with fewer setup tasks.
  • You can fragment your tables based on a list of values or time intervals.


  • The optimizer can now use a star-join to speed up warehouse queries for star and snowflake schemas.
  • You can maintain table statistics by fragment; statistics are refreshed on frequently updated fragments to calculate table statistics.
  • You can audit at a more granular level to save time and disk space.
  • You can use a forest of trees index to speed up queries if you have many concurrent users.
  • You can integrate with remote Websphere® MQ servers.
  • Light scans are used to bypass the buffer pool for improved mixed-workload performance
  • You can use a multi-index scan to query with more than one index for faster results.
  • You can pre-load the shared libraries of user-defined routines written in C to make them run faster.

More compatible

  • You can perform a backup to the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and restore from it.
  • You can use many popular open source tools with Informix, as listed on the IIUG site at www.iiug.org/opensource.
  • You can use more of the SQL syntax written for other database servers.

More secure

  • You can establish trusted connections between an application server and Informix.
  • You can configure Informix so that users who are authenticated by an external authentication service can connect to Informix.

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