Hack In The Box Security Conference (HITB) Malaysia 2010….

October 11, 2010





Welcome to Hack In The Box 2010 Malaysia this year. This year , it helds at Crowne Plaza Mutiata Hotel at Jalan Sultan Ismail , K.L , starting 11th – 14th October , 2010. I had been able to attend the lab training session today , starting at 9.00 a.m today….This morning session about Web 2.0 Hacking , advanced attacks and defense (Ajax , RIA and SOA).

The Hack In The Box Crew is very friendly , show me the place and the lab room…But if you all wanna consider buying the HITB merchandise (eg: t-shirt , sticker…etc)…you have to see Belinda Choong (the HITB admin or overlord)…Maybe in 13th-14th they will be displaying a booth to sell these stuff…so do check it out guys….

For the agenda , here is the list (Taken from HITB website):-

11th & 12th October 2010

TECH TRAINING 1 – Web 2.0 Hacking – Advanced Attacks and Defense (Ajax, RIA and SOA)
Trainer: Shreeraj Shah (Founder, BlueInfy)
Seats Left: 25

TECH TRAINING 2 – SAP Security In-Depth
Trainer: Mariano Nuñez Di Croce (Director of Research and Development, ONAPSIS)
Seats Left: 25

TECH TRAINING 3 – Hunting Web Attackers
Trainer: Laurent Oudot (Founder, TEHTRI Security)
Seats Left: 25

TECH TRAINING 4 – Malcode & Threat Analysis
Trainer: Dr. Jose Nazario (Arbor Networks)
Seats Left: 25

13th and 14th October 2010
Time: 0900 – 1800

Capture The Flag Weapons of Mass Destruction 2.0
Lock Picking Village by TOOOL USA
HITB Lightning Talks
Recruitment Drive by HITB Jobs
Industry Exhibition & Technology Showcase

Till then , see you guys there….happy hacking!….


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