Juniper Networks – ScreenOS and Junos Network Operating System….

October 9, 2010



ScreenOS is an operating system that includes Juniper Networks firewall/IP Security (IPSec) virtual private network (VPN) devices , a real time , security specific operating system that provides everything you need to set up and manage these devices. ScreenOS includes a robust set of security such as an ICSA-certified IPSec VPN gateway for interoperable secure communication , deep inspection capabilities for application-level attack protection , virtualization features for network segmentation , and internal and external management interfaces to facilitate deployment. ScreenOS is a fairly starightforward CLI to get used to…

The features of ScreenOS is:-

1. Network Address Translation (NAT)

2. Interfaces , zones and virtual routers.

3. Mitigating Denial of Service attacks.

4. DDNS , DNS and DHCP.

5. IP routing , policy based routing

6. Traffic shaping

7. User authentication.

8. Application Layer Gateway (SIP , H323 , RPC , RTSP , etc)

9. Contect security ; managing firewall policies.


11. RIP , OSPF , BGP and NSRP.

12. Multicast: IGMP . PIM . Static mroutes.

13. Wireless ; Virtual Systems (VSYSes).

Junos® is a reliable, high-performance network operating system for routing, switching, and security. It reduces the time necessary to deploy new services and decreases network operation costs by up to 41%. Junos offers secure programming interfaces and the Junos SDK for developing applications that can unlock more value from the network.

This week , i’ve been studying how to use and configure ScreenOS using a Juniper network appliances. ScreenOS is much likely like CISCO IOS software . It has Command Line Interface , and the way they configure the router and switch is much likely the same as CISCO IOS..Juniper is certainly one of the best product out there when considering buying a network equipment, and I recommend it!…



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