Installing Hex Live CD in VMWare , version 2.0….the latest…

August 20, 2010

Hex Live CD is a Malaysian project of FreeBSD using the latest kernel development that comprises  NSM ( Network Security Monitoring ) tools and software that used to do network security analyst and network forensic. There are many tools/OS out there that assist in penetration testing , security audit , but none that do network security analyst and network forensic. So , with C.S.Lee and Zarul Shahrin as the co-founder from Hack In The Box  , they develop the FreeBSD operating system that consist of tools and software that are design to help network forensic and security audit.

I took 1 hour to download the VMWARE Image of the Hex Live Cd and install it in my HP netbook. The download page is here:  http://my.rawpacket.org/hex-images/HeX-VMware.tar.bz2

After that , you need a VMWARE Player to run the VMWARE image. Choose play VMWARE image on the file location , choose the VMWARE image location that is the VMDK file on the hard disk , and start runnning the image uisng play.

The magic thing is , there is no need for configuration as the Hex Live Cd boots up the FreeBSD and enter the X-window system , get some GUI and there you go…the Hex Live CD.

You need to configure your VMWARE network configuration to be bridge instead of NAT , in order to use the networking services….start login as a super user , su , and type this:-

ifconfig lanc0 up                                 // lanc0 = your wireless adapter..

dhclient lanc0 up

there you go , your wireless adapter is detected…

try ifconfig and see the address of your wireless adapter…..

A Message from the Raw Packet Team….

Ver. 2.0 Release

After months of development and testing, we have finally got HeX 2.0 Release, The Bonobo unleashed. Besides having FreeBSD 7.0 Stable as the base system for HeX 2.0 Release, we have also updated most of the HeX 1.0 applications in this major release, added new applications, ports, bookmarks, and many more!

Thanks and Kudos to all the HeX team members for the hard works!

HeX System 2.0 – The Bonobo

Lastly , I encourage every network engineer and system administrator to use this FreeBSD distribution to do their job more efficiency…Beside Backtrack 4 , Hex Live CD is a must tools to have in doing network audit or network forensic…thanks to the raw packets team, and C.S.Lee for the documentation….Have fun!….


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