Interview…Network Engineer at Ebahn Solution Sdn Bhd.

June 4, 2010

Hi again. For this month , I have good news. I have an interview with Ebahn Solution Sdn Bhd as a Network Engineer on 9 Jun , 2010. Well , for me this is a great news. I’m looking foward to attend the interview and if i got the luck , I will get the job. Network Engineer is one of the most challenging profession in IT field nowadays. I will try my best to get the job , since I had a CCNA , CCNP , CCIE and MSCA knowledge certification….

For this month , I had received my pay cheque and waiting for the cheque to float in several days. I’m going to expand my IT business this month , by doing some online marketing and doing some affliate program with several big computer companies in Malaysia. Some of my business is based on the e-commerce system , where buyers/customers  just have to order online with the internet and make payment.  My business cards in in progress , trying to design the most attractive design ever….I’m also looking forward to register my business with the Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia …when I have the capital…

For all of you out there who want a IT/Computer services or consultancy , just give me a call and I can explain to you about my company’s product and services…The price is reasonable…If you want some information about it , go to this website:-


That’s all for today…Have a great weekend ahead…

Khairul Azrin B. Azman.


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