IPCop Firewall….firewall for SMEs….

March 1, 2010

A typical firewall consist of combination of hardware and software in the form of an appliance. Firewalls are widely used in the enterprise segments to enforce security policies and access controls. Although the SME segment values the utility of firewalls , its cost is a major detterent to implementation. This brings us to a firewall for SMEs – IPCop.

On the web , IPCop was praised as stable , easy to configure and flexible , and it was possible to install it on an old PC with a minimum of two Ethernet cards. Three add – ons of IPCop are :-

1. Advanced proxy + URL Filter for filtering unwanted websites.

2. Zerina for Open VPN support.

3. Block Outgoing Traffic ( BOT ) was installed for controlling port – wise Internet access.

In conclusion , IPCop is a stable , flexible , features-rich and very reliable firewall. Basic installation and configuration is straightforward. However , its implementation requires in-depth technical knowledge.




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