Gigabyte P55-UD6 Review…..

December 25, 2009

                   Gigabyte has claimed that overclockers have succesfully used their new Gigabyte P55-UD6 motherboard to overclock Intel’s new Core i7 870 processor pass the 5GHz mark (the default is 2.93GHz), which is nothing short incredible.The basic layout and design of this motherboard in fact very similar to the X58 boards offered by Gigabyte. Of  course , as this is meant to be a high end motherboard for overclockers and gaming enthusiast , so it makes senses to have similar specifications. One thing that stands out here is the 24 ferrite chokes used for the 24 phase power design by Gigabyte. Other than improving the power delivery to the CPU , heat for the Voltage Regulator Module (VRM) is evently spread to the 24 power phases for a cooler and more stable system. Perhaps the most noteworthy fact here is the fact that the P55-UD6 features the Ultra Durable 3 feature which includes the much promoted 2 oz copper on each power and ground layers of the PCB.

         As once mentioned , the idea behind the increased amount of copper in these layers is to essentially reduce the amount of impedance in the board, which Gigabyte claims goes up to a 50% of reduction. Less impedance equals to better current flow , which means that less energy is wasted , and as a result less heat is generated. The extra copper used also means better signal quality , greater system stability , and increased margin levels for overclocking. By using the Ultra Durable 3 feature , Gigabyte essentially extends the lifetime of the product as well as give overclockers an easier time in achieving stable overclocking results.

           Given it’s greater overclocking capacity , a good P55 motherboard with an Intel Corei7 870 processor would certainly outperform an X58 paired with the low range Corei7 900 series processors. Not a fair comparison , but considering  you can pay less and get more.


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