Linux Sabayon 5 Review…..

December 21, 2009

  Sabayon 5 came out on October 2 , 2009. As has been the norm since the last couple of releases , it’s been divided into a KDE and GNOME live DVD. The boot screen of the DVD gives you several options to boot the following : GNOME , KDE , a media centre desktop , UMPC . etc. I’ve only tried the first two.

     The desktop theme is based on the greyish ClearLookSL theme for control , and the black MurrineCleanGlass windows border theme , which gels well with the overall Sabayon look. Unlike KDE , desktop effects don’t work out-of-the-box here. You’ll need to activate the Compiz Fusion based effects by double-clicking the Compiz Fusion icon on your desktop. When activated , it triggers the Emerald Theme Manager to load up (accessible from the system tray ). which gives you a handy selection of themes to choose from. On the down side , enabling Compiz gets rid of the Alt + F2 shortcut association to trigger the run dialogue on my system. A very displeasing bug.

   Overall , Sabayon is indeed a lovely distro. It looks great and is quite stable , yet it somehow gives the feeling that there’s something missing. Whatever the reason , Sabayon does looks pretty rough around the edge – a good example is the package manager , and the default selection of apps. So i figure it does need alot of love if it wants to compete in the mainstream.


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