Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor-X 1GB Video Card Review

December 3, 2009

     Hi there again…This month , I had a bad experience with my display card , the Nvidia Geforce Fx5200. The display card seems to be faulty/broken fully. First thing , It cannot play 3D games , Then , there is a flicker in my windows xp , secondly , it doesn’t have a display at all. My Athlon XP +1700 1.46GHz cannot boot up due to the AGP display card that is faulty.

   To anyone watching the graphics card market right now, it really does seem like NVIDIA is indeed pulling back from the high end segment in preparation for the debut of their upcoming Fermi architecture. However, the HD 5750 was released into a market is swimming in options for the budget conscious buyers among you which means it is competing against both older ATI cards and current NVIDIA products as well. In this kind of situation, every dollar of saving counts so when Sapphire approached me with their HD 5750 1GB Vapor-X, I was understandably a bit confused as to why they decided to give the coolest-running, most efficient 5000-series card a heatsink makeover. 

Sapphire HD 5750 1GB Vapor-X Specifications


Lately, Sapphire’s Vapor-X products haven’t been seeing many huge bumps in clock speeds but that is to be expected as engineers come to grips with the limits of this new technology. The HD 5750 version isn’t much different with an overclock of just 10Mhz on the core and 40Mhz for the memory. This will make a difference in the charts but we can guarantee you that you will never see a difference when it comes to real-world gameplay.

             This card’s claim to fame is of course the Vapor-X heatsink that dominates its otherwise reference looks. To be perfectly honest with you, we were a bit disappointed to see such a massive cooler on a card that is advertised as being efficient. This was mentioned during the original HD 5750 1GB review but it is even more baffling here since Sapphire has demonstrated in the past that that Vapor-X cooler can be slimmed down to single-slot height while still providing phenomenal temperatures. What makes matters worse is the fact that the cooler’s shroud actually protrudes about an inch over the PCB which expands the card’s length to about 8 1/4”.

          Certaintly , I’m going to buy a new display card next year for my PC. I’m going for the 512MB AGP Display card , due to financial restriction. Well . the GPU ofcourse is one of the main factor i’m going to choose the display card , beside the memory. Well , let’s hope for the best , shall we…


Khairul Azrin B. Azman.


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