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August 16, 2009










Hi there….its been since a while i didn’t write anything  in my blog. Well , for this month , I would like to share with all of you the power virtualization in data center and in network appliances. Virtualization in the data center , specifically server virtualization has changed the dynamics of a data center.

         The rapid adoption rate of server virtualization has forced data center managers to reconsider how modern data centers should look like. It would take under the consideration of power , cooling , security , backup , server , storage and network. Solving the power issue is not going to remove the need for cooling. For every watt of power utilized , the data center requires the same amount of energy to cool that consumption. Vendors are quick to identify and address this critical need , introducing high tech cooling techniques such as in row cooling or target cooling.

           The new data center must be designed bottom up first by establishing the specific functions and requirements of the data center , and next by creating a blue print of the data center from its equipment to the footprint , bandwith and methodologies before even laying a brick in place.


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