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November 1, 2007

scanonly_small.jpgFor this month, I had 2 interviews. First is , as a Technical Consultant at FMC Technologies Sdn Bhd and as a ICT Support Engineer at INRAdvance Sdn Bhd. Well the question is, what kind of work that i enjoy most , is it in a hardware or software sector or in networking? To answer my question, I really enjoy working in a field that relates to the networking sector. Previously, I had applied a job as a System Support Engineer , MIS Operation Assistant and Project Engineer. I hope one of the job that I had applied will be successful. I aiming to work a work relates to networking , CCNA or CCNP.

The subject that I want to share to others today is about network security. Some firm or organization intent to put their serious attention about network security. This include setting a firewall , installing a network controller (hardware) , installing a firewall appliances , auditing their network in their organization and also employ a network security analysis to hack their own network to see if their network is vulnerable to outsiders or viruses threats. Network security is a very important subject and it is suggested that it will be teaches in colleges or universitites as a core subject. By providing our knowledge in network security , we can provide a better security in our network and can understand more why our network is vulnerable to outsider hackers or viruses threats.
A very good firm that provide network security audits and services is SCAN Associates Sdn Bhd. If you have any questions regarding about network security , hacking , encryption and so on , you can ask the SCAN Associates experts. There are many kind of attacks that we are vulnerable to such as Denial Of Service Attack , malware , black hat hacking , spoofing , Distributed Denial Of Service Attack , Social engineering, and much more… . A good comprehensive knowledge of network security can be prevent or filter this such attack.A hardware purchase can be done to prevent this attack from occuring , such as purchasing an application proxy firewall ( firewall appliance ).