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Syawal has come…Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

October 17, 2007

image21.jpgSyawal has come and ramadhan has gone. This Hari Raya , I celebrate raya with my families. Aidilfitri is actually an indication for the muslim to continue their ritual ibadah in the next coming month , till the next ramadhan. I hope Allah s.w.t will grant all of our wishes and accept our fasting in the month of ramadhan , and also forgive all of our sins and make us to enter Jannah after kiamat or the life after death. To all muslim out there…I wishing all of you Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

Well, we have just sent our Malaysian astronout , Sheikh Muszaphar to outer space and in the International Space Station (ISS) . The crew is actually called themselves Expedition 16 , launch using the Soyuz rocket and docked safely in the ISS. The live teleconference with malaysia was actually using 5 sattelite to communicate to earth. They actually using satellite communication. Actually there are many computer system in the ISS. They even have a laptop and Linux (Slackware) in the ISS , to do testing of their component of the ISS. The ISS is actually wired with Local Area Network (LAN) and WAN and they do networking with earth using the satelite communication , that transfer waveform to satelite dish in earth. Actually , many times the computer operating system of the ISS had crashes , and the engineers out there had taken effort to fix it. The laptop that had been used in ISS was the IBM Thinkpad that was designed for space exploration. I would say that they might would have some kindda server out there in the ISS , to serve the client or the part of the ISS computers. Ubuntu might also used in ISS as part of the space experiment. Compare to Microsoft , Linux maybe the best one to choose because of the stabil platform that it offer to user.

The exploration of space in ISS is the new era for the malaysian to make research and findings of the usage of computers and networks in the International Space Station. Information Technology or IT is needed in order to make the operation of the ISS flow smoothly. Maybe we might built our own space station or a rocket ….who knows..