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Back in the old days…….

September 26, 2007

relay.jpgWell , here me again. Still in the month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak. Actually , I’m started to thinking about the old days when I had work for an engineering company in Shah Alam. It was 4 years ago actually. I work as a Technical Assistant for BQE Engineering Sdn Bhd , doing what they called electrical works , in electrical engineering field. My previous job is actually sitting in a TNB substation , doing wiring and electrical test for TNB substation. Woo….its really totally different when compared to IT. Just imagine , me doing electrical works while my past major is in computer. It’s quit challenging , actually. I had to make a testing of protection relays , and many type of relays in a TNB substation . Previous one is in Port Kelang , Lembah Beringin , Perak and at Kedah. I like doing outstation job , actually. Then , the first task for me is to set up the FREJA RTS21D with the laptop. The equipment is used to do relay testing. It’s actually quit easy to set it up , but the hard part is to interpret the test result , calculate it and print it as a test result. This task had to be done with the help of an engineer and IR. The FREJA system is quit cool , it’s like a radar that monitor all the voltage of the entire relay in the substation. But the best part was , working in Port Klang TNB substation. There a lots of electrical devices and computers in the control room of the substation. The type of networks that they using is fiber optic cable. All the relays in the substation communicate with each other using the SCADA system. (Actually , you have to read the relay’s book manual -TURBOTECNICA to understand each of the relay specification while doing the testing) . Not just that , the first month of my work , I had to memorize all the devices and electrical equipment that is in the substation , plus its location.

Actually , there many things I want to write here….but i think this blog will be very long to read. I also had to check for wiring termination , check the drawing of the 275/132KV TNB substation , and trace the cabels in the drawing. For the readers information, the electrical equipment that i had mentioned is very,very expensive. It cost of thousand , thousand of Ringgit. But the best part was , I had travelled many states and enjoy the food and culture of other states. For those who are interested working in electrical engineering field , all of you are most welcome….!


Ramadhan has come…..

September 25, 2007

This year , 2007 , the month of Ramadhan Al-Mubarak 2007 has come. This year , there is a plenty of ibadah can be done in this holy month. Aidilfitri is just around the corner , and me myselft had a little preparation that has to be done this year. For this month , as for computing , I’m beginning to put my effort to study seriously about Java Programming. There are many section of java programming that we can learn such as J2ME, J2SE , Web 2.0 , Struts , Hibernate , web application , and many more java application that is coming. Java can be implemented in mobile programming and desktop programming.