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Microsoft vs Linux….

July 28, 2007

ccmigration_09186a00800c2eb6.jpgHi again….Well , my topic for today is about Microsoft Corporation vs Linux. We all know about the most gigantic corporation in the world , that is Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft had released many kinds of operating system , and the latest one is Windows Vista operating system. After a several month , hackers has found flaws in windows vista operating system…Hmmm… I think Microsoft need to make an improvement in their making of the operating system , especially the coding of it. There are actually many flaws has found on their operating systems such as windows 98, windows XPs , and windows 2000 Professional…etc. This goes same to Linux operating system. Well , nowadays , there is no such operating system that we can really trust and really rely on it.

Hackers eventually had tried their best to find vulnerabilities and flaws for every operating system that exist in this world. And as for OS (Operating system) developers , they tend not to learn from their mistakes their make and tend to make more and more flaws of their operating system coding. I guess we have to wait 10 years more to find an operating system that doesn’t have flaws… Well , we just have to wait and see…..


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July 28, 2007

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